Put your faith in GOD, not in an elected official.

STAND together, to hold our elected officials accountable.

Truth and Action for Politics

our core values

To follow the Lord Jesus Christ.
To be his representatives on this Earth.
To seek Truth, so we can meet the objectives he defined.
To love one another, as He loves us,
And when all else fails to "STAND."

what do we provide

Clarity on issues and a method for you to be seen and heard.

​Resources and links

welcome brothers & sisters - Patriots

important resources

How to leverage our resources.

  1.  We are asking you to join this closed group and share your news, resources and links with the group.
  2. We are asking you to invite your friends to join and participate.
  3. This site will be a place to stay educated on recent issues.
  • We will also push text "STAND" alerts to people that subscribe.  

"STAND" alerts are links in the form of a text and are all action oriented:

  1.  Signing a petition
  2. Making phone calls, sending faxes or emails to elected officials, that have control over issues that could negatively impact Christians or Americans
  3. The opportunity to volunteer and serve.  

To receive text "STAND" alerts, text STAND to 662-200-4303.  You will receive a text from ISG@mobile-text-alerts.com (Stand  for  God) with a link to register to recieve these "STAND" alerts. 

You can also complete the "How to Stand" form on this site to receive email and/or text "STAND" alerts.

  • This website is another resource to help educate, arm and bring together Christians that are tired of listening to the news and saying some body has to do something.  Now, you will receive alerts that make it easy for you to do things that can impact change.